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KT88 / KT90 / KT120

KT88 Tubes

KT88 is a low distortion, high output power tube developed specifically for audio. Today, there are a number of quality KT88 tubes available for audio and guitar applications. Due to the high current and power capability of these tubes, it is very important that the KT88 tubes are well matched. We stock KT88 tube sets that are precision matched on our own custom equipment and hand selected by our staff for the best results.


KT90, KT120 and KT150 are higher-powered direct replacement of KT88. In most cases you can use these tubes in place of KT88, but it's best to check with your amp manufacturer first. KT88 is upwards compatible with 6550 tubes. You can use KT88 in place of 6550 in most cases.

Scroll down to see sets of 2 (pair), 4 (quad), and 6 (sextet). Please inquire if you don't see the sets you want. Our KT88 sets are burned-in for 24 hours for maximum stability, then precision matched. There is no extra fees for burn-in or matching.