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Sovtek 2A3 Matched Quad

Sovtek 2A3 tube is a close replica of classic RCA 2A3 tube, with the reproduction of the original bi-plate structure in a single housing.

Sovtek 2A3 has great soundstage, with balance and detail. Sovtek 2A3 surprises by comparing favorably with NOS 2A3 tubes at a fraction of the cost. Sovtek 2A3 is a great value for use in any boutique amplifier.

Sovtek 2A3 tube is rugged, robust, and built meticulously at the Reflektor factory in Saratov, Russia.

The price is for a matching quad of Sovtek 2A3. We match two pairs to ensure top performance in a push-pull stereo application.

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Manufacturer Sovtek
Configuration Matched Quad
Package Includes
  • 4 x Sovtek 2A3