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Genalex PX300B Gold Lion Matched Pair

Genalex PX 300B Gold Lion is arguably the best audio power triode being produced today.

Internally, Genalex PX 300B Gold Lion is designed and built for the ultimate in directly heated triode performance. PX 300B uses gold grid wire to eliminate secondary emission for superior linearity and cutoff. The alloy plate box is oversized for maximum power dissipation, but is cladded securely with thick mica positioned precisely to eliminate vibration noises.

In a true directly heated triode, the filament is the key to maximum performance and linearity, and Genalex PX 300B features filament positioned precisely, suspended from multiple springs to not only minimize vibration but to ensure longevity. In addition, larger plate design and quality ceramic base allows for higher thermal dissipation and continued performance even under the highest of loads. The beautifully gold plated pins ensure full contact with sockets even in vintage equipments.

With such refinements and enhancements, Genalex PX 300B is able to dissipate higher power than original WE300B. Improved power capacity means Genalex PX 300B operates with less strain when running at normal 300B operating point, further adding longevity. Genalex PX 300B delivers superb linearity at higher power, with improved longevity one would expect from such high quality triode design.

Genalex PX300B features high resolution with excellent articulation and soundstage that is the epitome of directly heated triode tube.

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Manufacturer Genalex
Configuration Matched Pair
Package Includes
  • 2 x Genalex PX300B Gold Lion