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Shuguang 12AX7B Silver Dragon

Note: Shuguang factory has closed, and 12AX7B is no longer available. We have limited stock left.

Made at the Shuguang factory in China, 12AX7B has a higher gain than other 12AX7 types while staying very low in noise.

Why do we call ours Silver Dragon, you ask? Well, we take extra care in testing these tubes due to their high gain. We feel the ones that pass muster deserve a unique distinction, so we call them the Silver Dragon. Silver Dragon is available only from us.

If you are looking for maximum gain and shredding power, this is the 12AX7 you want.

Current production Shuguang 12AX7B may come labeled as 12AX7. We test them thoroughly to make sure they have a proper gain (mu) that 12AX7B should.

The recent version of 12AX7B Silver Dragon comes with grey coating on the anode for better thermal dissipation. Shuguang has altered between having and not having this coating over the years. There is no noticeable difference in sonics or reliability with or without the coating.

Note: Shuguang factory suffered a fire in 2019 and there was a bit of shortage for a while. They seem to have returned to production, and we have this great tube in stock.

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Manufacturer Shuguang
Configuration Single