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EI 12AX7 Elite Gold NOS

Ei12AX7 Elite Gold was the best 12AX7 produced by now defunct Ei in Yugoslavia.

Elite Gold was the special select version of Ei small signal tubes. They were screened at the factory, then pins were gold plated. Ei 12AX7 features smooth plate design that were built on Telefunken tooling. Some 12AX7 came with gray coating on the plate box, and the rest didn't have any coating, leaving it with shiny nickel finish. There is no sonic difference between the too.

In Audio amps, Ei 12AX7 has excellent resolution and clarity with tight bass. In guitar amps, Ei 12AX7 has good bite and less mudd.

Because of the design, Ei 12AX7 can be microphonic. If you are using in high gain guitar amps, we recommend you get the low noise option. ***Low Noise option is no longer available on this tube

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Manufacturer Ei
Configuration Single