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Ei 12AX7 NOS

Ei 12AX7 is a superb sounding 12AX7 with flat plate design. Design closely resembles that of Telefunken ECC83, as Ei built their 12AX7 tubes on Telefunken supplied equipment. Ei closed the factory some time ago, and these are no longer made. We have just a handful of these great 12AX7.

The tubes will be in white boxes. Ei was not known for consistency, some tubes are marked 12AX7 and some are marked ECC83. Stamped logo may have faded in some cases but the distinctive silver plates are easily recognizable. Note that the tubes tend to be microphonic, and are not recommended for high gain application.

While supplies last, we only have a very limited number of nickel plated 12AX7 Ei tubes in stock.

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Manufacturer Ei
Configuration Single